Learn Guitar in 15 Minutes

Are you really interested to learn guitar in 15 minutes? Then I’ll assume that you are an adult. However, if you are interested in getting lessons for children then take a look at this article.

Now that we’ve established that you are an adult, let’s get down to this business of learning guitar. You have probably seen web posts and YouTube videos telling you how to learn guitar in 15 minutes, or explaining the easy way to learn guitar. Or perhaps something like, play guitar like a pro in 30 days!

Guess what?

…you can if you follow my method….No, seriously!

Well…. actually you do need a BIT more than 15 minutes if you want to play anything meaningful on guitar. But there are secrets to learning more quickly and I’ll share these in a moment. Before I answer that though, I’d like to ask a few questions that will help you to put things in perspective. Then we’ll get to the answers.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that you CAN learn guitar in 15 minutes A DAY? If you are at least mildly interested to learn guitar then I don’t think that 15 minutes A DAY would be a problem would it? The most important thing then is how to get the most out of that time. Let’s begin to answer that by first answering some questions.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What type of instrument would you like to play?
  2. Which style of guitar are you interested in playing?
  3. Who do you want to play for?
  4. How much time would you like to practice every day?
  5. When will you have time to play?
  6. Where can you find a quiet place to practice undisturbed each day?
  7. Why have you decided to play guitar now?
  8. What is likely to stop you from practicing?
  9. Do you have other musical talents such as in playing another instrument or singing?
  10. Do you want to play guitar to socialize?
  11. Are you interested in playing guitar for meditation?
  12. Do you prefer to learn on your own or from a teacher?
  13. Have you considered group classes?

Let’s look at your answers

No.1 Your answers to this will usually be Acoustic, Classical (or Nylon String) Guitar, or Electric Guitar. I know that there are other variations to these as well as more specialized instruments, but let’s just keep it simple and highlight WHY this question is important to answer.

This question is important because each genre has it’s own discipline and set of specialized techniques. However, generally all of these instruments have 6 strings that are tuned alike. That means that in the early stages, learning to play notes and chords is the same on all instruments.

No.2 Acoustic guitar is typically associated with styles such as folk, country, rock and pop. Classical guitar, is most often associated with classical music, flamenco and sometimes jazz styles. Electric guitar generally brings to mind images of rock, blues and jazz.

Read more about this topic in follow up posts.