Level 1 Videos

This Guitar in Real Time Level 1 Videos page features a Beginner’s Video Course to learn Fingerstyle Guitar basics and Music Reading together. It’s based on the Guitar in Real Time Level 1 book.

Learn Fingerstyle Guitar & Read Music Course Introductory Video on Udemy

Learn Fingerstyle Guitar & Read Music – Beginners Course – current best available discount is automatically applied by using this link.

Guitar in Real Time – Level 1

Use the Guitar in Real Time Level 1 book together with the video course for the best experience. Get all of your course printouts and more, bound in a convenient book form.

Not just convenient: You can write notes in it and to keep everything in one place on your music stand – much better than loose papers! Save time, stay focused and on-track as you progress. And here’s another timesaving suggestion…

Real Time Savers – Guitar Practice Logs

Music Practice Log - valuable aid to track your progress with the Guitar in Real Time Course
Music Practice Log book: 52-week practice log with two-page repertoire list

Use this time saving tip (you know, time, that one thing that’s hardest to control) get a practice log. Get either a FREE printout, or get the one recommended for this course here. See the FREE and paid options on this page.

Find more useful FREE pdf downloads of Practice Logs, Music Sheets and more on our sister site, GuitarBasement.com.

Soundtracks for Level 1

Once you start the course, you’ll find useful resources on the site. Use the soundtracks on this page to help you know how the written melodies in the book sound. Then, make a goal to play along with them up to speed.

Make sure to bookmark this site so you can come back and access the tracks, videos and other resources easily.

Guitar in Real Time Level 2

Once you complete Level 1, continue your journey and take Guitar in Real Time Level 2. In level 2 you learn more complex melodies and two note playing, get to know more chords and strumming styles, as well as playing in other keys and much more.